About Me

Oh, hey there!

I’m Katherine and this is my blog.

Wonderer Wanderer started off, with fantastic intentions, in 2016 while I was living in London and galavanting across Europe sporadically. Fast forward to 2017 and a staggering two post and I decided maybe I should take a step back–examine what exactly I wanted to do with this and myself and start again.

Wait…it’s 2020, girl.

I know, right? So here we are–trying yet again! I have a pretty good feeling about this time too. Like, that warm fuzzy feeling you get when your tea is the right amount of warm, and your fuzzy socks don’t make your feet too hot and the spot on the couch is feeling so right.

So this is it. Wonderer Wanderer was reborn in 2020 with one goal in mind: to write honestly.

Okay, lit. But, what about you?

I guess that the beginning was more process than the finished product. So here is a bit about me. My name is Katherine, I am a Floridian and sometimes resident of the great city of London. I’m a graduate student and I’m working on my PhD in Psychology.

This blog will be a hodgepodge of travel tidbits, life’s little reflections, self-love and life as a grad student. I’m not a brand, I’m not out to monetize and paint this glamorous picture of an afro-wearing dog mama sipping almond milk lavender lattes (although I do have a dog, love my afro and am always down for an almond milk lavender latte).

I promise lots of pictures, the occasional gif, hot mess antics and a lot of good, All-American fun.

So what do ya say, let’s get a little lost?